World Book You're Life Depends on

Why Does Not This World of Believers Believe My Words Against Them All Who Are Of This World?

First read these following words being the most important for all who truly love our Lord and God the Father.Deuteronomy 8 speaks truth fr all believers this day.

 Matthew 4:4 speaks truth as written.Luke 4:4 speaks truth as written.

Psalms 14:2-3 speaks truth as written

Psalms 53:2-3 speaks truth as written.

Let's get real with this question, do you believe those words of God were written for you as a believer? Are not we all human flesh being once children of men and now adults? If those words are true with aim at all believers of this world, why were they written?



First you as a believer must fully realize these words. . .

 Psalms 12:6 speaks pure words believers only pretend to hear while ignoring all God's pure words against them for their actions through

Psalms 18:30 speaks only truth just as every word of God, yet this world of believers only believe what they want minus anything negative.

 Psalms 33 speaks words so great awesome and mighty - there is nothing a mere human mind can add because God is everywhere and knows all things including you better than you know your own self.

 In this world filled with billions who believe and speak so much love towards Jesus Christ and our Eternal Father, there are none who please Him, and its because rather than being as this Psalmist speaking truth - they all hold to the ways of this world through human doctrines, human ways and human traditions making them all of this world with God's truth having no affect in their own personal life other than the false light supplied by the god of this world being the father of lies who all of this world believe.